Top 2 Brands of Tires Best for SUV

I always like to travel with my SUV and the roads are not always that good, so, I want to make sure that the tire that I bought was the best tire that I can have for my car. Also, are you just like me who are always looking and asking what is the best tire for SUV’s? It is not easy to find one I tell you, but you don’t have to worry because I am here to help. From all the famous tire companies and manufacturers, I’ve narrowed down and listed below the details of the best tires for SUV’s, available in the market right now. This will give you an idea that can help you choose before buying the tires.

1. Michelin PREMIER LTX. This tire is one of the most known tires at this time and one of my best pick so far. For its features, it has the Michelin EverGripMC Technology that gives you good traction even though the tires wear because of the Expanding Rain grooves and Emerging grooves that keep more traction on wet and wintry conditions. The cool thing with Premier LTX is that it even has a wet-braking technology and uses sunflower oil for EverGrip to make sure that it works well in low temperature. Honestly, it also has great handling because of the many amounts of silica in EverGrip and the mile warranty is 60,000. It’s an awesome tire and I fell in love with it when I used it on my SUV.

2. Cooper Discoverer SRX. Here is my second favorite and it is a great tire as well. If you’re looking for a tire that is easy to handle and quiet while you drive, then you can definitely pick this one. Plus, it’s good for dry and wet conditions, and you can use it off road but don’t always take it off the road since it’s not really created for off-road. Now for its features, it has silica compound that’s making the traction much better, wear square indicator that helps you to see if around how many tread life is left for your tire, stabledge that improves tire handling and increasing the stability of your dry traction, and lastly the 3D micro-gauge thin slits across the rubber that stabilizes the shape of your tire when adding speed, cornering and braking. Definitely, this is one awesome tire that you can use for your SUV.


Now that you know my top 2 tire brands that are best for my SUV’s then, you have an idea what kind of tire to look for. These 2 tires have differences but one thing is clear, it gives the results I want. That’s why it is important to know the features of the tires first, so we would know if we will be getting the results that we want. If you want more detailed reviews about tires you can go to for more information.