Best Bike-Friendly Cities in the World

Have you ever been to a town where one of the chief kinds of transport was through bicycle? Many individuals of all ages around the world use a bicycle as their principal source of transportation since it is more affordable, environmentally-friendly, wholesome and simple. When utilizing a street bike it may also be costlier alternative oftentimes.

We have compiled a listing of cities across the world which have a high bike use per capita and also have a fantastic system set up for bikers. These bike-friendly cities try to maintain their biker residents contented and secure.
Having a culture which has a third of the populace commuting on the bike together with a local government that provides free leases and committed lanes, Copenhagen is our #1 option since bike-friendly cities.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

When the Dutch know how to do something, it is bicycle. Amsterdam is famous worldwide since the supreme bike capital of Earth. The town comes with a huge population of people of all ages and careers around the street at any moment. The Amsterdam city authorities promotes bicycle use with bicycle rentals, cyclist-only lanes and bicycle traffic signs. With countryside of fruit trees and grapevines complimented by tasteful shops and buildings together with a health-focused inhabitants, it comes as no surprise that approximately 25 percent of Basel’s inhabitants travel on two wheels. The town promotes bicycle use with bicycle lanes, traffic signs and rentals.

Florence, Italy

Since the birthplace of the Renaissance, it’s no surprise that Florence adopts biking civilization. Adding to their bicycle culture is the enormous population of school students who often commute into and around campus by bike. Florence has different bike lanes that are bi-directional and coloured for ease of usage. In winter frigidness, a massive population of the city commutes by bicycle. There are a variety of amenities for bikers like indoor storage, town bicycle lanes, and paths. Bologna has a network of bicycle paths across the city. The town also has various avenues which have less aerodynamic traffic making a secure place for bikers.

Munich, German

Although Munich is a massive metropolis, bikers and drivers seem to coexist very nicely along the lanes and roads of the city. Munich has over 124 miles of bicycle paths and discounted sides to protect cyclists. Just don’t forget, bicycle theft is common here, so make sure you keep you bicycle locked.

Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg is an excellent bike-commuting town; with lovely green landscapes and Baroque structure, Salzburg was created with over 105 miles of bicycle trails and 23 scenic bicycle paths. Salzburg also has self-service channels throughout town with free resources, bicycle racks, lubricating oil and compressed air. Additionally, there are 5,500 parking areas designated only for bicycles. Bogota has its bike path networks strategically linking all areas of town. These attempts are set up to provide residents a cheaper, healthier and more sustainable lifestyle which appears to be adopted nicely.

Portland, Oregon

Individuals of Portland have always enjoyed themselves on their constant use of bikes to avoid. Together with all the natural beauty and the total tree-hugger civilization, it’s no surprise so many decided to bicycle. With different bike lanes, bicycle racks and a neighborhood which completely affirms biking, Portland is a fantastic town to get around on two wheels.

If you are considering a more affordable, healthier commuting option which will assist your neighborhood, you need to catch a cruiser or road bicycle and begin cruising!