Check Out The Best Single Speed Bikes of the Year

There are lots of reasons to love single speed bikes. Even though this kind of bike is a lot less complicated and advanced than models with multiple-gears, you can still enjoy riding one. It requires little maintenance and it’s a great bike for everyday use. Single speed bikes are also lighter so you won’t have any problems using it for when you need to commute to work. But the best part about buying one is probably the lower price tag because it has fewer parts, this means that it is cheaper than other kinds of bikes. If you’re convinced that this is the bike for you, then you should check out these brands and models.

Pinnacle Dolomite

The Pinnacle Dolomite looks like a really simple bike. It has a retro vibe that a lot of people would love. This bike also has a very compact design that allows you to drive it anywhere even through narrow spaces. This feature can be really handy for those who are living in places where there are small streets, or for those who want to get to work faster since it is very light to drive due to its simple design. Plus, it is very low maintenance, which means it’s always ready to be used. 

Kona Paddy Wagon

Riding in the city would be a lot easier for you with the Kona Paddy Wagon. The design of this bike is made to give bikers a better driving experience. It has a flat bar that might not be the best design for purist bikers, but it’s great for your back. Another special thing that you need to know about this bike is that it has 28c Schwalbe Lugano tires that would last you a long time. This kind of tire would give you fewer worries because it is puncture resistant! This bike is also very affordable compared to other models.

Jamis Beatnik

The Jamie Beatnik is also simple but it has everything you’ll need from a single speed bike. It’s comfortable to drive and it has a strong high-tensile steel frame. If you’re looking for a bike that you can use for your errands at home this one is really a great pick. The appearance of this bike is also not so overwhelming. It has a black color that won’t attract the attention of bike thieves.

The Light Blue Trinity Pista

If you’ve got enough budget for a higher end bike model, you should take a look at the Light Blue Trinity Pista. It has 24c gum-wall tires that are perfect for when you want to use it on track, especially because its design doesn’t include front breaks.


Each of these single speed bike models and brands has its own pros and cons. Some of them would fit your budget and some will not. However, the key to finding the best one for you is by identifying if the features of the bike model would satisfy your needs as a biker. For more information about best single speed bike and other type of bike reviews you can checkout for more information.