Creating New Hairstyles Using Hairspray For Synthetic Wigs

Have you ever asked yourself if you can use a regular hairspray for your synthetic wigs? Regular hairsprays are harsh on your synthetic wigs. The fibers can get damaged because of the harsh chemicals that are used to make regular hairsprays. Your natural hair might be able to handle such chemicals, but a synthetic wig has plastic fibers that will react negatively with them. If you use a regular hairspray, it will shorten the wig’s lifespan. Luckily, there are now brands that offer products specially made for your wigs so you can style and take care of them better.

Unlike ordinary hairsprays, those that are made for wigs have a water-soluble formula. This means it’s easier to wash them off. The mild formula used for this kind of hairsprays is also great for natural hair because it holds your hair in place without damaging it. To help you look for a hairspray for your synthetic wigs, here are some hairsprays that you’ll absolutely love.

Jon Renau Holding Spray

If you are looking for the experts when it comes to wigs, Jon Renau’s team are the people that you can trust. Jon Renau manufactures some of the best wigs that you can buy today so you can trust them even when it comes to wig hairsprays. Their holding spray is light on your hair and your wig but it has a lasting effect that can hold your tresses in place for a good amount of time.
Plus, this product is paraben free and sulfate free.

BeutiMark Style & Hold Hairspray

Preserving the quality and the color of your synthetic wig is important. BeautiMark understands the needs of every wig owner, which is why they formulated a hairspray that aims to protect your wig’s color and quality. It’s a product that uses fruit extracts to protect your wig from any damage. The formula used in this product is what makes it unique. Another great thing about it is that you can use this hairspray for your natural hair as well and experience the protection that it offers. Just remember to style and spray it while the hair is damp. The effects will show up once the hair dries up.

Your synthetic wigs are investments that’s why you need to protect them. You can prolong the lifespan and the good quality of your hairpiece using the best hairspray for synthetic wigs.